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    YongKang Huaxi Electronics Co,.Ltd. is the original weir Hu Yongkang welding material from the formation of plant development, was founded in 1990. After more than a decade of struggle ahead, and has grown into a set of scientific research, production and manufacture of various types of film capacitors and inductors. IEC products and the adoption of national standards and the quality of CQC and VDE safety approvals.
      The company more than 5000 square meters floor area. Now has assets of more than more than 10,000,000 yuan, with more than 200 employees, including more than 30 college production technology over the management of human resources; have dozens of kinds of advanced production and testing equipment.
      With the company's continued expansion, has a strong production strength. The quality of the company in the first, the supremacy of the purposes of the user. Are united as one in strict scientific management system, the selection of high-quality brand of raw materials; quality of well-trained staff and very professional management and technology personnel.
  The main products: TNS-2H-suppression of radio interference with (X2), MEC-generation anti-car radio interference, CL21, CBB21, CL62, CBB61, CBB60 capacitors, and so on. Especially the X2 type of radio interference suppression capacitors and motor generator capacitors. A variety of specifications, shape, inductance of the inductor.
      The commitment to reform the leadership of the company and an enterprising spirit, pragmatic and hard. I wholeheartedly welcome the employees of all companies a wide range of users and more calls here. We provide you the highest quality products, the most reasonable price, the best approach, the most enthusiasm. For our common interests to cooperate in good faith.

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